cyberbullying research center   "Cyber Bullying is a serious topic! I was bullied and began to cut myself... You may want to know why... time to tell I was bullied, stalked, and harassed. Never to my face but online the people who bullied me would make fake pages and put me on them saying I'm how and everything I'm willing 'to do' with a guy, but nothing on them were true... They told people to walk up to me and ask me if I was a hoe, lesbian, dyke, slut, pregnant.. etc. I couldn't take it anymore I was on the verge of suicide and when you're going through this you want to handle it alone, but truthfully you can't. So I began to cut. For everything I was going through. I got help. I came clean to a trusted adult and they told my mom everything my mom got very upset and began to take pills to solve her problems. I got madder and cut even more then I finally said no! STOP I haven't cut in a month and 5 days... i use to cut every day. So to wrap this up I'm done cutting my mom's still on pills and I told the police (about the bullying) and guess what. The sites and texts are gone!!! :)" (14 year-old girl from MN)
...identifying the causes and consequences of cyberbullying
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"Listening to Dr. Hinduja speak was both engaging and informative. The topics that he addressed are highly relevant. As a high school teacher, I see the significant impact that technology has on the lives of our students. What I learned from Dr. Hinduja has provided me with a basis of information to use as I begin to work with other staff at my school to develop and implement programs to teach our students how to use technology ethically and act as responsible cyber-citizens." Shawna Sache, Teacher, Rick Hansen Secondary School, Abbotsford, B.C.
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