cyberbullying research center   "I used to be best friends with these two girls. Let's call them B and C. One day, B emailed me and said to check out this cool website. I went on and found that it was all about me. It said that I was a loser, a bad friend, an idiot and a backstabber. When I emailed B back she started saying that she didn't write that, it was all C but that it was funny and all so true. I then emailed C and she said it was all B. At that point, I just said "Forget it" and I stopped hanging out with them. It was one of the best decisions I ever made." (16 year-old girl from USA)
...identifying the causes and consequences of cyberbullying
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"I wanted to thank you for information that you provided to us in the presentation on "Sexting." As a law enforcement professional working in the school system we are seeing an uprise in the number of incidents occurring with cyber crimes. The information that you provided was easily understood and showed others in the audience what we are dealing with and what can be done to educate or youth and parents." You most certainly have spent many hours of research that educated me as well as others in the presentation you provided! Thank you again for the valuable information." Adam Heath, School Resource Officer and Patrol Officer, Abingdon Police Department.
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