cyberbullying research center   "I was bullied on the internet and it made me feel like I wanted to kill myself. I have MySpace and not Facebook, but a friend of mine has Facebook and there was a class photo that I was in, and this guy from my school that I don't even know wrote "isn't that eco girl i thought she left last rofl". I am really quiet in school, so I only speak to like 3 or 4 people but i thought that was offensive because i once liked green peace in 8th grade but what was written on fb was in 12th grade!!! then this other guy wrote "yeah it is and in the other photo she is smiling. i didn't even think she knew how. Very rare indeed" and another said "very rare indeed. my god". the whole time ppl would show me fb, no one had ever commented on anyone else so rudely. Ever. Thank god I graduated by now, but it still makes me upset and feel worthless. Sometimes I just think I should get plastic surgery or die my hair so that none of those jerks will ever recognize and hurt me again! Seriously." (18 year-old girl from VA)
...identifying the causes and consequences of cyberbullying
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IP Lookup Tool for Cyberbullying Evidence
Network Query Tool

When somebody cyberbullies you, and you can identify the IP address associated with that person, run it through the following interface to lookup the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who owns the IP, and oftentimes email address (e.g., of the person at that ISP who handles complaints of abuse and misuse of Internet resources. Then, send to that email address all evidence of the cyberbullying behavior, as well as the exact date, time, and IP address information.

Also provided through this tool is other information you can use to document your case and supply to investigating authorities. Be sure to print or save to your hard drive the results of the query.

Network Query Tool

Network Query Tool

Host Information Host Connectivity

Resolve/Reverse Lookup
Get DNS Records
Whois (Web)
Whois (IP owner)

Check port:
Ping host
Traceroute to host
Do it all

Network Query Tool 1.9
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"Dr. Hinduja's cyberbullying and cyber safety presentation to the middle school youth in our county was right on target for this age group. His stories and insight hit home with the youth as he speaks their language and knows how they think. He gave clear examples of problems youth are encountering along with easy to use tips that youth can utilize to keep safe. Additionally, his presentation to parents and educators was a real 'eye-opener.' His explanations and stories received high marks in our county as he helped get adults up-to-speed on the latest technology news in regards to teenage communication." Becky Carlson, Assistant Director, Center for Prevention and Counseling, Newton, NJ
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