cyberbullying research center   "Sometimes it's hard to believe what starts it, The truth is whatever the reason revenge, or because it makes you feel good. Cyber bullying or bullying of any type is against the law. It can have horrible outcomes that will kill others, and sometimes it can lead others to do crimes, murders, and sometimes even cause deaths to innocents that had nothing to do with it in the first place. Its time to take a stand now, that when we teach our children its okay to get revenge, or hurt others if they have hurt you, then its then we teach them its okay to cause pain, wars, this is bullshit. We don't have a right to cause any pain to any person for whatever reason. The time is now to stop the violence and it stops here and now. In our schools, Computer Labs, and the internet. STOP hurting others, it doesn't feel good, and in the end could cause you more harm then you realize. I was the victim of cyber bullying, I was also the cause of it at one point because I had continued to try to get revenge on those that hurt me. In the end it wasn't much of anything but pain, and the pain continued on to my own friends and others. It's not worth it no matter how much someone hurts you its needs to stop and it stops now... So here I am trying to make it stop. (33 year-old man from AZ)
...identifying the causes and consequences of cyberbullying
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"When it comes to the subject of cyberbullying, Sameer is a "rock star." He not only knows this subject inside out, but is able to share his knowledge and relate to his audiences on an amazingly human level. Our high school peer trainers not only walked away with the tools to address and counter cyberbullying…….they walked away feeling as if they had made a friend. A good one! We are already planning on bringing Sameer back to Arizona." Bill Straus, Arizona Regional Director, ADL
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